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Beaver Careers is OSU Career Services’ online career management system and is  your online connection to OSU students and alumni. Students can apply to your job in the way that best meets the department's needs. List part-time jobs for students while they are in school, and summer full or part-time jobs and internships.

  • Post practica, internships and full-time positions
  • Schedule On-Campus Interviewing (Recruiting) and Information Sessions
  • View student Resume Books

OSU is pleased to offer you access to this online system so that you can reach our students with jobs and internships and practica.

OSU Career Services offers you an easy and simplified way to connect to students interested in finding that perfect job or internship. For more information regarding internships please see our Internship Guide to assist you in establishing criteria for a successful internship. We also have an extensive website just about internships!


Please think of Beaver Careers job posting designations as limiting rather than inclusive. 

For instance, if you choose only “Bachelors” from the list of degree levels, ONLY students pursuing a Bachelors degree can apply to your schedule. 

This does NOT include Masters or Doctoral candidates who have Bachelors degrees as well, but have marked themselves in our system as a Masters or Doctoral candidate. 

In the same vein, we highly encourage that you select both “Alumnus” and “Current Students” under Class Level so as not to limit your candidate pool. 

Set a graduation end date if you need someone to fill the position by a certain date, but do not set a graduation start date, so that alumni may also apply.  

We recommend you are as inclusive as possible when setting your job posting parameters so that you do not severely limit your candidate pool.  You may always choose not to invite a candidate to interview who does not have attractive qualifications. 

Severe restrictions may prevent a candidate with excellent qualifications from applying however.

The Career Center expects all employers recruiting our students to abide by NACE Link User Agreement and Beaver Careers Privacy Policy

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