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A great way for students and alumni to utilize Bevaer JobNet's Job Posting section is to make use of the Job Search Agent feature. Job Search Agents are specialized listings of job postings within the Beaver JobNet system that YOU create the criteria for. Instead of having to constantly check the system for new jobs, or create new searches each time you log-in, Beaver JobNet does the work for you once the Search Agent is set up! Here's how to set it up:

Log in to your Beaver JobNet account.
1.  Place your cursor on the menu at the top over “Search Jobs and Internships”.  Click on “Beaver JobNet”
2.  Click on the “Advanced Search” tab
3.  Check the box next to “Save As”, and name your search agent
4.  Enter your search criteria, remembering that “less is more”; the fewer filters you put in, the more opportunities you
     will see in your search results.
5.  Click “Submit” button.  You will get the result of your search.
6.  You can now click on the “Search Agents” tab and see your saved search.  You can  Schedule, Edit, Run, or Delete.
7.  Click on “Schedule”
8.  Click on the “Yes” radio button next to “Enabled”, and other options will appear.
9.  From the drop down list next to “Period”, select how often you want this search to run.
10. From the drop down list next to “Multiple”, select how many times you want the search to run; for example, if you
       selected “week” for the “Period”, you can select how many times you want the search to run each week.
11. Check a radio button (Yes or No) to indicate if you want only new results since the last time you received search
Search Agent results will run automatically and email a list of the results to you on the schedule you have set.  You
can click on the link to the job and if you are logged in to your account, you will be taken directly to that job.  If not
logged in, you will be prompted to do so and then taken to the job.

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