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If you need help finding the appropriate contact at OCCD, email us at OCCD@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-8303 for assistance.

Office for Commercialization & Corporate Development

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Brian Wall
(541) 737-9058 | Brian.Wall@oregonstate.edu


Finance & Administration

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Shirley Chow
Fiscal & Administrative Manager
(541) 737-0674 | Shirley.Chow@oregonstate.edu


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Kimberly Reese
Fiscal Coordinator
(541) 737-1251 | Kimberly.Reese@oregonstate.edu


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Molly McFerran
Administrative Assistant
(541) 737-8303 | Molly.McFerran@oregonstate.edu


Intellectual Property Management & Licensing

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Berry Treat
Associate Director
(541) 737-8100 | Berry.Treat@oregonstate.edu
Specializing in innovations by the College of Agricultural Sciences


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Denis Sather
Senior Intellectual Property & Licensing Manager
(541) 737-8806 | Denis.D.Sather@oregonstate.edu
Specializing in copyrights campus-wide, as well as innovations by the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences; Engineering; Forestry; and Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences


man in blue check shirt smiling

Jianbo Hu
Intellectual Property & Licensing Manager
(541) 737-2366 | Jianbo.Hu@oregonstate.edu
Specializing in innovations in Life Sciences, Colleges of Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health & Human Sciences


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David Dickson
Intellectual Property & Licensing Manager
(541) 737-3450 | David.Dickson@oregonstate.edu
Specializing in innovations from the Colleges of Engineering and Science


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Joe Christison
Intellectual Property & Licensing Manager
(541) 737-9016 | Joe.Christison@oregonstate.edu
Specializing in in innovations in the life sciences: College of Pharmacy and College of Veterinary Medicine.


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Susan Tillitt
Intellectual Property & Contracts Manager
(541) 737-1732 | Susan.Tillitt@oregonstate.edu


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Chrystal Seager
Intellectual Property & Contracts Assistant
(541) 737-0705 | Chrystal.Seager@oregonstate.edu


Industry-funded Agreements

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Kirt Fuller
Industry Contracts Manager
(541) 737-1493 | Kirt.Fuller@oregonstate.edu

Specializing in industry-funded research in the physical sciences.


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Chris Stoner
Industry Contracts Manager
(541) 737-8329 | Chris.Stoner@oregonstate.edu

Specializing in industry-funded research in the life sciences.


Advantage Accelerator

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Mark Lieberman
Chief Start-Up Officer & Co-Director
(541) 541-368-5203 | Mark.Lieberman@oregonstate.edu


Venture Intern Program (VIP)

Current VIPs

Former VIPs

  • Ken True, Instructor, College of Business
  • Tejasvini Kulkarni, Buisness Administration
  • Ryan Connolly, Marketing
  • Dishui Lin, Business Administration

To learn more about the VIP and how to join, please contact Denis Sather at (541) 737-8806 or Denis.D.Sather@oregonstate.edu.



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